FrontDesk: Copenhagen Citizen Service
April 26, 2019

Helping Families Through Difficult Times

Award Winning Project with the Danish State Administration


The Danish State Administration deals with more than 200,000 cases a year, including adoptions, divorces, child custody, and many other complex matters. At one time, the number of cases has reached 30,000 open cases. At some point, public sector organizations, especially the State administration, faced the challenge of reducing business costs. In Denmark, services such as divorce are chargeable to citizens, so there is constant pressure to make the process faster and more affordable for service users. Moreover, citizens face complex personal circumstance when going through a divorce.


The project vision was to make the customer application process simple. The State Administration wanted to reduced administrative savings and case handling times. Citizens were asked to tell the realities of the process and their experience with the public sector. The response showed that it was better to create a new digital service. The new service provides citizens with personal case folders, redesigned forms, automation of administrative processes, a re-design of outbound communications, and personal checklists of tasks to complete.

cBrain software consultants automated tasks where possible for the State Administration, and developed integrations with citizen registers and payment systems. cBrain created operational dashboards to give real-time views of case progress. This helped the State Administration to optimize workload across their regional administration centers. The State Administration was highly developed to operate at pace, so the first service went live within 6 months after the project start date.


  • The reduction in fees from 900 Danish Kroner to 420 Kroner for citizens
  • Cases were shortened from 5 days to 5 minutes
  • Internal Administration costs for the divorce applications were reduced by 50%
  • Cost Savings 12-14 million Danish Kroner annually
  • Customer satisfaction


The Danish State Administration won a national Digitisation Award in 2017. The reduction of fees decreased from 900 Danish Kroner to 420. The annual cost saving was achieved and had reached 12-14 million Danish Kroner. The State Administration managed to reduce costs for the divorce applications by 50%, if both parties in a divorce agree, then divorces can happen more quickly. Moreover, cases can involve adoptions, divorces, and child custody or financial disagreements. The system can require where applicable face to face discussion or legal representation.

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