Denmark's digital solutions

Denmark was not digital in a day. However, we took the necessary steps to become the most digital country in Europe.

Public/private partnerships as the foundation

Digitalization is a vital part of modernizing and creating a more efficient public sector. Denmark has a long history of public/private partnerships providing trust to Denmark's private sector.

This creates productivity and growth in the private sector and today few projects are handled by the government on their own. The private sector is key to digitalization.

A strong private sector means a strong public sector

An efficient and modern public sector gives more room for innovation for Danish companies as red tape, bureaucratic institutions and slow inefficient workflows are removed.

For instance, you can set up a company online within a few minutes and do your company taxes online.

Furthermore, citizens in today's digital society expect government service delivery to be multi-channel. Denmark's national digital strategy towards 2020 works toward a better citizen's experience.

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